Life at DMC Atlanta

No barriers. No cubicles. No closed doors. No limits.

Behaviors we Value





Loyalty & Dedication



Success is never a straight line. We teach mental toughness
so that our team members can thrive in any endeavor.

If you don’t want to have fun at work,
DMC Atlanta is probably not the right place for you.

Ambitious people not only want their lives to improve, but they understand
that it takes hard work and perseverance to achieve success.

Love to win, hate to lose, or just want to beat your personal best –
DMC Atlanta brings out the best in our team members.

We treat the DMC Atlanta team like family and provide them with unlimited
opportunity to grow – we expect a high level of dedication and loyalty in return.

Always do the right thing –
no matter what.

Where we are at any given moment is the sum of the decisions we have made.
Show up every day ready to earn your spot. Destroy entitlement.

Embrace and Drive Change

DMC Atlanta opened its doors in July of 2003 with one solidary purpose – to provide opportunity to our team members who step up and earn it. We developed a proprietary process of leadership and management training and development designed to take anyone who is willing to work hard, learn, and improve and develop them from entry-level to partnership. The work can be tough, the hours hard, but nothing worth having ever came easily.

Many companies talk about being “thought leaders.” DMC Atlanta prides ourselves on being leaders in action – turning great people into amazing business professionals – while preserving and developing their core values and senses of achievement and self-worth.

Giving Back

As a marketing and sales leader in Atlanta and as a leading provider of marketing and sales jobs and careers for throughout the Metro Area, DMC Atlanta has enjoyed a tremendous amount of growth and success, and we believe that with great success comes the great responsibility of giving back to the community. DMC Atlanta is committed to consistently strive to positively influence not only our own team team, but the community as well. By training and coaching our sales and marketing, leadership, administration, HR, and management teams on the importance of positive community outreach and involvement, we are able to consistently be involved with organizations that could not exist without the support of local Atlanta volunteers and donations. DMC Atlanta is ALWAYS looking for like-minded, community-focused people to join our team! Click here to apply.


Shamar Robinson


Shamar was born and raised in Marietta. He is no stranger to hard work and is currently building his own sports team!

Alethea Holmes


Alethea was born Alaska, spent most of her childhood in Florida, but claims Atlanta as her home.  Occasionally Adam hides in her hair when Jenna is being really loud.

Marissa Shaw

Human Resources

Marissa was born and raised in Columbus, Georgia. She moved to Atlanta about 5 years ago after falling in love with the city.  Her dogs sometimes try to eat each other.

Nicole Borden

Assistant Manager

Nicole is one of the most competitive people we know, and we never have any clue what might come out of her mouth!

Tia Maiello

Human Resources Recruiter

Tia grew up in a tiny town in Upstate New York and loves being a part of DMC Atlanta's growth. We love it when she says "calendar."  

Adam Dorfman

President & CEO

Adam founded DMC Atlanta in 2003. He is a bourbon and food snob who loves his family and live music. He is also a proud "Headblade" proponent.

Ganessa Pickens

Account Manager

Ganessa is from Riverside, CA, but we are slowly converting her to sweet tea.  She has mastered the non-duckface selfie.

Mike Figueroa


Mike was born in New York, NY but raised in Atlanta, GA and attended the State University of West Georgia.

Austin Owen

Assistant Manager

Austin was born and raised in Atlanta. He has traveled the US in search of the perfect protein shake.

Jenna Huss

VP of Development

Jenna is DMC Atlanta's VP of development. She is one of the smartest people we know, but she has no idea how loud she is.

Daniel Uzamere

Account Manager

Originally from Nigeria, Daniel is a rising star in on the DMC Atlanta team who can occasionally be spotted dancing in the office.

Savanah Hart

Human Resources Recruiter

Savanah is an Atlanta native who graduated from Valdosta State.  If you thank her for something, you will immediately know she worked at Chic-Fil-A

Corey Simmons

Account Manager

Corey was born in Philly and grew up in Atlanta and was an Olympic Jockey.  Kidding - He played football at South Carolina.  

Rae Stafford

Human Resources Manager

Rae has been a part of the DMC Atlanta team since 2012. She is head of HR and has an unnatural love of queso.

Chad Harpole


Chad Harpole started in the company in Austin, TX.

Dan Bazuin


Dan was raised in a northern Michigan, runs an office in Detroit, and has the nickname "Bear Claw." Dan joined our team after a couple of years in the NFL. 

Chris Auwarter


Chris grew up in a small town in NY and runs an office in Dallas, TX.  He is a proud Cleveland Browns Fan.  Seriously.  He is.

Andres Campanucci


"The Nucci" is a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina. If you don't like him, it's you, not him.  He's awesome.

Michael Cosper


Michael was raised south of Atlanta. He is a rabid UGA fan who runs our team in Nashville with his wife, Vianca. Go Dawgs!

Cole Branch


Cole is from Marietta and attended Mercer University, where he played lacrosse and graduated in May of 2014. He might be the nicest person we've ever met.

Jared O'Brien

Account Manager

Jared is a great leader at DMC Atlanta. He lives with his wife and sons in South Atlanta. His wife is cooler than he is.

Jennifer Hemelgarn


Jen is originally from West Palm Beach, Florida and has a degree from UCF in Early Childhood Education.  Her dog is smarter than your honor student.