Earning Success: Give It Up For Ezekiel

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At DMC Atlanta, we have several core behaviors that drive our firm: resiliency, fun, ambition, competitiveness, loyalty, dedication, integrity, and accountability. As an organization, we have managed to streamline our hiring process by working with individuals who not only match these values but prioritize them as their own -- individuals like Ezekiel Harmon, up & comer here within DMC Atlanta’s Management Training Program.

At Atlanta native who grew up in Gwinnett County, Ezekiel’s childhood centered around 2 things: family and baseball. The youngest child of 3, all born within 3 years, Ezekiel’s parents taught him early on what true work ethic looks like. Together, his mom and dad worked hard enough to put Ezekiel through private school, ensuring the best chance for a successful personal & professional life. He proved them right, becoming a star athlete in baseball and attending Georgia Gwinnett College after high school.

When it came time to look for work, Ezekiel chose to search for a sales career, and it was DMC Atlanta who stood out to him most. Immediately attracted to the fun, supportive personalities that he met, Ezekiel started with the company in early April of this year. In 5 months, when asked what areas he feels he has developed the most in, Ezekiel replies, “in my time management, accepting responsibility for the success of my team, and in my overall leadership & communication ability.”

Priding DMC Atlanta most on the fact that we provide an opportunity for performance-based growth, undeniable support, and value work ethic over skill, Ezekiel is determined to move into management for the company in the next year and a consultant role for our client by his 25th birthday. He believes the most valuable attribute he brings to the company is a positive and optimistic attitude, serving as an example that one’s mindset can either build or break an entrepreneur.

Outside of setting the pace for our client, Ezekiel enjoys spending his time at the pool or gym, listening to podcasts/TED Talks or reading up on stocks. Citing Joe Rogan as one of his favorite public figures to listen to, Ezekiel always prioritizes his self-development, as any successful entrepreneur does. In being showcased as August’s featured team member, we wanted to express our gratitude for Ezekiel’s commitment to the company and his goals. We can’t wait to see him accomplish all of them.


Chris Auwarter


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